Business Strategy

Business Strategy:

Our business strategy is centered on superior execution and comes together around:

·         Outstanding leadership

·         Committee people

·         Quality processes

·         Embedded values

A key component of the strategy is BEHPACO customer service model which, is built on three Cornerstones: having a deep understanding of customers and their needs; providing value-adding solutions; and building long-term relationships with customers. At the end of the day it’s all about how well we execute all this. This is where the service-profit chain comes in – it establishes the relationship between our internal practices and employee commitment, customer satisfaction and loyalty, profitability and value creation. We strongly believe that the only way to sustainability deliver value across our businesses is through the service-profit chain. We can draw a straight line between making superior customer service second nature and sustainable profit growth.

Key to achieving our strategy, and what makes our operating model distinctive, is the quality of our people and their passion for our company, our business and our customers. In simple terms, the strategy is all about driving our vision: helping people achieve their financial aspirations.