Your Import & Export Partner in IRAN:

Simplifying customs brokerage, so you can focus on your business. Trading has always played a leading role in BEHPACO.

Whether you’re a major importer/exporter or only ship a few times a year, if your business relies on moving goods across the border, even a minor customs issue could significantly cost you.
Let BEHPACO’s import and export department help: We do customs brokerage. Our customs, regulatory and financial experts have helped many of companies implement compliance programs, meet audit requirements, recover duties and taxes, and manage border security. By working with us, our clients have discovered that they can focus on their core business and trust that their trade will continue to flow smoothly.

Customs brokerage:

Clear your goods through customs without delay. Let our experienced team assist you in moving your goods across the border, efficiently. BEHPACO specializes in All IRAN customs brokerage services.
Customs compliance consulting
Whether you’re faced with a customs audit, recovering duties, or interpreting international trade agreements, navigating the complexities of IRAN Customs can be challenging. Learn how our customs compliance consulting experts can help you navigate these complex issues

Managed Services (Business process outsourcing):

If you’re looking for new ways to accelerate your company’s overall performance, or you simply need to improve delivery of a specific business function, BEHPACO Managed Services can design and deliver a business process outsourcing solution, customized just for you.